We extend a heartfelt apology as we begin this week's podcast. We know we've been off the grid these past few weeks. In our previous update, we shared our plans to spend a few nights at Thousand Trails Bear Cave before completing the final leg of our journey to our family's home for the summer.

Little did we know that our schedule would be taken over by an influx of family and friends eager to catch up, alongside a hefty dose of RV remodeling. As a result, we unintentionally took some time off from the website and podcast.

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Upon arriving at my parent's home, we had to get the RV hooked up to sewer, electrical, and water. Hooking up will make it easier on us since we planned to remove everything from the RV for remodeling.

Next, we started the somewhat mammoth task of purging and boxing up everything we could. For being minimalist, we have collected a bunch of stuff! All the stuff is stored in my parent's house so we can begin our remodel without constantly shifting things around.

2023 06 02 0006

Some of the projects we have already started include installing my monitor into the dashboard on a lift, painting the cabinets and walls, and we have picked the new floor. 

Doctor appointments and Family Life

While juggling the remodeling, we've managed to squeeze in a bunch of doctor, vision, and dentist appointments for the family. We like to make medical appointments in Michigan because our regular doctors are here. 

Stay tuned as we navigate this new adventure, balancing family time, remodeling projects, and maintaining our health – all while living the RV life.

Amid our remodel and health check-ups, we've been soaking up every chance to spend quality time with our family. The kiddos especially love the opportunity to hang out with their cousins daily. It's been a whirlwind of family, laughter, and togetherness, reminding us why we love this RV life.

ExploreMore Threads

ExploreMore Threads

But that's not all we've been up to. We're thrilled to announce a project we've been pouring our hearts into – ExploreMore Threads. ExploreMore Threads is clothing and accessories crafted with the spirit of travel and adventure.

ExploreMore Threads features a range of products, all adorned with fun slogans and creative designs that we think you'll absolutely love. Many of these designs are born from our experiences and images, making them truly unique to our brand. Our daughters have also lent their creativity, contributing to some of the stunning designs you'll see.

At launch, we'll have quite a collection ready for you to explore. And don't worry – we'll regularly update the store with fresh designs. To keep up with our new releases and grab an exclusive 10% off discount on our launch day, sign up for our email updates.

We've spent countless hours perfecting the designs and fine-tuning the website to ensure an effortless shopping experience. Stay tuned for the launch!

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In addition to our home life adventures, we also managed to squeeze in some off-road adventures, mapping out routes for Trails Offroad. The trails we explored were easy, primarily dirt roads, perfect for a relaxing offroad journey.

Our first adventure took us to Gladwin State Forest. Here we charted several trails, each offering unique features and scenic views.

The East Center Firelane Trail is a straight-through road hugging the perimeter of Bentley Marsh. It's a tranquil drive, particularly captivating during the migratory seasons when the marsh comes alive with thousands of water birds.

2023 06 02 0002

Another trail we explored in Gladwin is the East Firelane Trail. Meandering into the forest, it's a relatively easy trail in terms of obstacles, but it provides a different experience due to its soft sand and dirt composition. Following heavy rain, portions of this trail could transform into a muddy adventure. It's also worth mentioning that this part of the state forest has miles of unmarked trails.

Gladwin State Forest also hosts the Sterling Truck Trail. You will see aspen, oak, and various pine trees. This path links with numerous two-track forest trails, making it a popular choice for nature enthusiasts and off-roaders.

Finally, we also mapped Center Firelane Trail, which combines picturesque landscapes with various terrains. Here, sandy stretches transition into sections of hard gravel and the occasional mud puddle, offering a fun off-road experience. 

Gladwin State Forest is known for its extensive network of trails and offshoots, catering to various outdoor pursuits. It's also a lovely camping spot, which, fun fact, we used to frequent annually before hitting the road.

Our second adventure was Tin Cup Springs in Little Manistee, Michigan. This trail is a popular destination for off-road enthusiasts. The trail system offers a variety of single and two-track sections, creating a diverse landscape that accommodates riders of various skill levels. 

In addition to its trail diversity, Tin Cup Springs offers a unique appeal to nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts. The location is flush with natural beauty, from its lush greenery to the calming waters of its namesake springs. 

Thanks for listening

Our last few weeks have been a whirlwind of family visits, remodel efforts, medical appointments, creative endeavors, and off-road adventures. Through it all, we've come to appreciate the richness of our RV life even more.

From setting up our RV at my parents' house to navigating the challenges of mobile orthodontics, we've experienced many life events that continue to shape our journey. Our venture into travel-inspired clothing, ExploreMore Threads, reflects our passion for this lifestyle and our desire to share it with you.

We are deeply grateful for your friendship and support as we continue this exciting journey. We look forward to sharing more adventures, insights, and stories with you in the coming weeks. Stay tuned and keep exploring!