Living full-time on the road sometimes makes challenging life issues even more difficult. Follow along with our journey to find our perfect new ride and the complications of doing this because of our lifestyle. From the breakdowns to navigating the logistics of vehicle registration and proof of address, we share the highs and lows of making this purchase as RVers. Join us as we turn obstacles into adventures!

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The unexpected breakdown

Our journey began with a simple trip for milk and gas, which quickly turned into our Jeep dying on the side of the road. We had to change our plans on the fly and figure out how to get our vehicle fixed. Luckily, our favorite mechanic (message us if you need a mechanic in Yuma) was incredibly understanding and even towed the Jeep from the campground in Yuma to his shop. This level of service and willingness to help is something every RVer appreciates when on the road.

The diagnosis process

Once the Jeep was in our mechanic's hands, we had to wait for him to assess the situation. After a thorough check, he decided taking the Jeep to a transmission specialist for a more detailed examination was best.

The wait was nerve-wracking as we hoped for a fix that wouldn’t break the bank. Unfortunately, the transmission specialist discovered significant issues that would require extensive repairs.

Faced with the news of serious transmission problems, we had a big decision to make. Should we invest in repairing the old Jeep or start fresh with a new one? After weighing the costs and potential future issues, we decided to start looking for a new Jeep.

Finding and buying the new Jeep

The search for a new Jeep began online. As full-time RVers, buying a vehicle online comes with its own set of challenges. We had to consider delivery logistics, the trustworthiness of the dealer, and ensuring the Jeep met all our needs.

After extensive research, we found the perfect Sarge Green 2021 Willys Sport Unlimited. Finalizing the deal involved multiple calls, emails, and a lot of coordination with Jacob Hill at Camelback Kia. We eventually sealed the deal and planned the logistics of picking up our new Jeep.

With the new Jeep ready for pickup, we had to organize everything meticulously. We had to pick up our old Jeep from the transmission place with our RV, transfer personal items, and remove the things we wanted to keep. We also had to plan the trip to get the new Jeep 170 miles away. The transition was bittersweet, as we had many memories with our old Jeep, but we are also super excited about the new Jeep.

Complications because of our lifestyle 

This adventure taught us a lot about flexibility and resilience. We had to make quick decisions, sometimes sacrificing the ideal solution because we couldn’t wait for the best deal. Unlike others who might have friends or family to help with transportation, we had to navigate everything on our own. 

Saying goodbye to our old Jeep was emotional for the whole family, especially the girls who had grown attached to it. However, we can't take chances on the road when our goal is always off the beaten path. The new Jeep has already started to impact our traveling lifestyle positively. It's more reliable and equipped with features that make our travels smoother and more enjoyable.

We'd love to hear about your vehicle challenges and how you've handled them on the road.