We will be spending our first year in the “Lone Star State,” the first stop on our journey. The extra time will allow us to establish our Texas residency, RV projects, and even some exploring. We are thankful for both our jobs that allowed us to start and live this dream.

Choosing Texas and establishing residency

Tony and I discussed different options when selecting our home base, but a Texas residency won for many reasons. The two essential qualities about Texas was their homeschooling laws and no income tax. We are homeschooling both our girls the entire time we are traveling, and I didn’t want a lot of regulations to complicate the process. No income tax is an obvious plus!

rv homeschooling

The first step after moving was establishing a domicile in Texas. It made things easier that Tony was transferring and we would be staying in Texas for a year before traveling. However, we still needed to set up a mailing address with Escapees. Next, we headed to the Department of Public Safety for our new driver licenses and voter registrations.

Texas has a convoluted process where you need to get your vehicles inspected before getting them registered. It’s not hard or expensive but it’s another step in an already long process. Michigan is a lot easier and you can get driver licenses and registrations done in the same place. After we had our new drivers licenses and inspection stickers we registered our vehicles at the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles.

Establishing Texas residency

Finally, the last thing we needed to get was a license to carry a concealed pistol in Texas, Michigan’s license is only valid for residents of the state. Tony also wanted to get his certification to teach the License To Carry course in Texas (he’s also certified in other states), and the next class was at the end of September. Spoiler, he passed both the written and shooting sections with 100%.

The cash flow

Tony works at a company that has locations in both Michigan and Texas. After sharing our dream, his company agreed to transfer him to a location in Dallas, and we were thankful. The transfer allowed us to have two incomes while we accomplished everything on the list. They were able to transfer him to a different location in Texas after a few months to accommodate our travel plans. However, Tony does plan on leaving by the end of the year. I wish his company had a position for a full-time traveler (HAHA), but it’s not that type of business. We are incredibly blessed for the opportunity and thankful they are so accommodating to our needs.

After Tony leaves his fulltime job, he will be doing corporate photography. He will also have group and private firearm courses. I currently work from home and will continue throughout our travels. We will rely on hotspots and wifi more than the typical full-time RVer, but it’s allowing us to do our dream now and not when we retire.