I love following full-time RV families on their journey. One of my favorite parts is their travel map! We have decided to keep track of a few fun little facts and share them.

If you click on STATS in the menu bar above you will see all the latest updates from our journey. We are keeping track of tons of information and will continue to add new things as we travel. This is an interactive page that will allow you to see the stats of each state by clicking on one at the top of the page. After you click the state data will populate showing the miles, locations, nights we got free, highest elevation, days in the state, average daily park fees, bucket list items, and the types of parks we stayed in. You will also find the cities, attractions, and excursions we visited in that state.

The next portion of the data will not change when you click a state but it shares some big goals we have and numbers from our entire trip or for longer periods of time. We have a goal of seeing all the national parks and lakeshores and have them listed on this page. After we visit a park they will be checked off (we have visited some before our official launch date but those are not marked until we visit them again). Another one of our big goals is to visit every state capitol buildings, those are also listed. In this section you will also find some yearly numbers and also numbers from the day we launched.

We hope you enjoy this fun way to see what we have accomplished and follow our journey as we travel across the United States. Click over and check them out!