We stopped at the best burger place, Beyond Burger, in Texas City, Texas, and grabbed some takeout. The restaurant is pretty cool, and we highly recommend dining there if possible. However, we had our dogs and wanted to get to the beach. The burgers were huge! I took a snapshot of Kylie eating her burger so you could see the size. And those fries! YUM!!

This was the first time the girls touched, smelled, or even saw the ocean. Tony and I enjoyed watching them run out and realize the water was different—saltier. We drove the entire island and enjoyed the whole scene. It was busy with people having fun, and the beach was packed. Our favorite section was at one end of the beach, near San Luis Beach. You can drive out on the beach, and it is less crowded. We played for an hour or so and then checked out the beach's different areas. The sand was gorgeous, with seashells everywhere. The water was not the clearest, but it was still beautiful.

The Galveston Boardwalk Pleasure Pier is located right in the middle of the island and stretches out into the Gulf of Mexico. This cool pier is one of the few spots in the world with rollercoaster rides over the water! I think they have 16 rides, including a rollercoaster. It's an entertaining location.

We noticed quite a few campgrounds and RV resorts on Galveston Beach. We didn't stay on this trip but plan to visit the Gulf longer during our adventures. When we can stay at a place, we will update this post with recommendations.

Overall, we really loved the island. It had lots of things to do for both adults and kids. It was beautiful and peaceful (at least the day we went). We highly recommend heading to Galveston and checking it out.