We love boondocking and talking to beginners about how to boondock. This podcast episode discusses tips, amazing places we’ve stayed, and everything you need to know for RV boondocking. Think of this episode as the RV boondocking for beginners guide you need if you want to get into the wild and camp for free.

RV boondocking for beginners camping spots
Boondocking near Bryce Canyon

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Targhee National Forest Boondocking
Targhee National Forest Boondocking

Some of our favorite spots

  1. Flagstaff, AZ: Arizona is a popular winter destination for RVers, with tons of boondocking. This spot in Arizona is one of our favorites. In episode 7, we talk about this spot and others in Arizona. 
  2. Grand Canyon Area, AZ: Speaking of Arizona. This list is only complete with a great location near the Grand Canyon. 
  3. Bryce Canyon Area, UT: We shared boondocking spots to stay near all of the Utah 5 in episode 8. We loved this spot near Bryce because it was wooded, and the girls found a cool fort built in the woods.
  4. Zion Area
  5. Valley of the Gods
  6. Glacier: We love this spot so much that we have returned twice—in 2021 and 2022.
  7. Teton National Park: We stayed near this park in 2021 and 2022. The boondocking near the National Park is limited to 5 days. Therefore, having a few spots might be helpful. We discuss great areas in episodes 15 and 38.
  8. Yellowstone: If you want to visit Yellowstone, we highly recommend boondocking. It's surprisingly expensive to camp near the park. We share our favorite spots on our podcast—West YellowstoneSouthern entrance, East, Northeast, and North entrance.
  9. White Mountain – Pilot Butte Wild Horse Loop
  10. Lava Hot Springs/Lower Portneuf River, ID: We arrived at this beautiful green heaven after spending the winter in the desert. It may have been the lack of seeing green, or it was truly that amazing. Listen to all the details in episode 9
Boondocking near Zion National Park
Boondocking near Zion National Park

How to find spots for boondocking

Blackwater River Florida
Blackwater River Florida

Things to keep in mind