Get the details on what we've been up to for the last month. Hear about some great Yuma Jeep trails, Christmas events, and our new school year.

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When we left off on episode 57, we were in Yuma, Arizona, camping in the desert with our very first tarantula. We also talked about six different Jeep (Offroad) Trails we mapped for Trails Offroad near Cottonwood, Arizona. We also discussed professionally cleaning your black and grey tanks. (In episode 58, we give you a 2022 recap, our plan for 2023 is episode 59, and we gave you 60 RV destinations in episode 60)

Yuma Arizona Jeep (Offroad) Trails

Woodcutters Pass (Trailhead: 32.557877, -114.341072) is moderately challenging. 

Big Eye Mine Trail (Trailhead: 33.035555, -114.182908) is an easy, fun trail. 

Laguna Ridge (Trailhead: 32.760168, -114.435716) is a narrow two-track on a mountain ridge. 

Episode 34 – Homeschooling on the Road (


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