We run into the nicest and most respectful people while on the road. However, some people (very few) need a reminder of how to act in public – HAHA! In this podcast, we’ll chat about the written and unwritten rules of Boondocking and RV Park Etiquette.

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Episode 41 – Finding fun and free things to do in an area
BLM Ethics

sewer hose on table
We talk about this on the podcast – Don’t be this person!

Right after we recorded this podcast and discussed ensuring your fires are put out fully, we drove on the beach at Ocean Shores and saw this fire smoldering. Sigh! By the way, the area was just released from a fire ban.

Screen Shot 2022 09 02 at 1.28.47 PM

Can’t Miss:

Salmon River Beach Spot!
GPS: N45.914242° W116.417144° | Elevation: 1304 ft.

salmon river beach spot 1
salmon river beach spot 2
salmon river beach spot 3