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60 Epic locations to visit in an RV

For our 60th podcast, we’ll give you 60 RV destinations—in no particular order. We’re sharing epic locations (like Yellowstone) that we think are amazing places to visit, and staying in your own space as an RV makes them even better.

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RV boondocking for beginners plus tips and great spots you should visit

We love boondocking and talking to beginners about how to boondock. This podcast episode discusses tips, amazing places we’ve stayed, and everything you need to know for RV boondocking. Think of this episode as the RV boondocking for beginners guide you need if you want to get into the wild and camp for free.

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Boondocking and RV Park Etiquette

We run into the nicest and most respectful people while on the road. However, some people (very few) need a reminder of how to act in public – HAHA! In this podcast, we’ll chat about the written and unwritten rules of Boondocking and RV Park Etiquette.

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Another visit to Teton National Park and a new pup

Welcome back to the podcast! Today we’re giving an update on our travels for the last few weeks. We visited Teton National Park in June, which was a lot different than the last time in September. Fewer animals but more green! Speaking of animals, we added a new furry member to our family – Freya Rose. She’s a Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier, and we’re all obsessed with her.

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That’s a Wrap Florida!

That’s a wrap for Florida until next time. We had so much fun the last few weeks. In this episode of Off the Beaten path but not lost, we talk about the last few weeks in Florida. We discussed some of the fun adventures and great Bondockers Welcome Hosts that we enjoyed.

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Selling everything and moving into an rv

January is the month we started our full-time RV journey. Therefore, we are sharing our story over a few different podcasts episodes. Last week we discussed why we decided to start this adventure on the road and buy the RV. This week we discuss selling everything and moving into an RV.

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