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It’s not a vacation, it’s a lifestyle.

Before we started RV living, we would watch videos and listen to podcasts about this lifeā€”it looked like a constant vacation. Now that we’re living the life, we’re here to tell you it’s not a vacation, it’s a lifestyle.

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60 Epic locations to visit in an RV

For our 60th podcast, we’ll give you 60 RV destinationsā€”in no particular order. We’re sharing epic locations (like Yellowstone) that we think are amazing places to visit, and staying in your own space as an RV makes them even better.

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The Faiolas: 2022 Recap

We are excited to share our 2nd annual yearly recap for 2022. We can’t believe it’s been a year already since our lastĀ overview in 2021. We go through the previous year’s stats in the episode.Ā  Although we didn’t hit our goals and completely changed our plans for 2022, we still made amazing memories. Washington and the Beat Harvest were not in our plans, but we’re happy we did them and will be returning to both.

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Wintering in Arizona

We have been wintering in Arizona for over a month and have visited Cottonwood, Jerome, and Yuma. In this podcast episode, we discuss where we have stayed and give an update on what we have been doing over the last month

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Spending Holidays in an RV

With Christmas coming next weekend, we wanted to share tips and ideas for celebrating all the holidays in an RV. We go over some of the best ways to decorate in a small place, fun ideas for birthday parties, and gifts to people living in a small home.Ā 

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RV boondocking for beginners plus tips and great spots you should visit

We love boondocking and talking to beginners about how to boondock. This podcast episode discusses tips, amazing places weā€™ve stayed, and everything you need to know for RV boondocking. Think of this episode as the RV boondocking for beginners guide you need if you want to get into the wild and camp for free.

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Quick visit to Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park is on our top 5 list of National Parks we’ve visited. We visited the park in July/August of 2021 for theĀ first timeĀ and were completely shocked at how gorgeous this park was. This year we only had a short time to visit the park on our fast track to North Dakota.Ā 

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Can you live in an RV full-time?

More people than ever have started RVing in the last three years. However, can you live in an RV? Is this the right decision for you? In this episode, we have listed a bunch of questions to ask yourself to see if you can live in an RV full-time.

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Boondocking and RV Park Etiquette

We run into the nicest and most respectful people while on the road. However, some people (very few) need a reminder of how to act in public – HAHA! In this podcast, we’ll chat about the written and unwritten rules of Boondocking and RV Park Etiquette.

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