As we journeyed through winding roads and scenic routes, we shared countless stories, tips, and memories from our RV travels. From the hidden gems we've discovered off the beaten path to those crazy wild nights in the city, our podcast episodes have brought us all together in this incredible RV community.

We've compiled 12 episodes that not only stood out for us but also became some of your favorites. Whether you're a seasoned RVer or just starting to dream about hitting the road, these episodes are packed with insights and laughter. So, grab a comfy seat (maybe even in your RV!), and let's dive into these memorable episodes together.

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Our 1st episode ever published

Ah, the episode where it all began! The first episode was “Discovering Utah’s Hidden Gems: Exploring Flaming Gorge to Valley of the Gods.” It's heartwarming to hear when the girls were so young sounding. The sound quality might have been a bit raw, but it perfectly captured our excitement and wonder. We were not only beginners at podcasting but also at navigating the mesmerizing desert landscapes and awe-inspiring gorges. This episode is a beautiful reminder of our early days, filled with curiosity and countless cherished memories. Listening to it feels like opening a time capsule, taking us back to those first steps into this journey.

Kylie's Favorite

Traveling with our furry companions is one of the most rewarding experiences, and Kylie's passion for ensuring our four-legged friends enjoy the RV lifestyle as much as we do shines brightly in episode 50, “What you need to know about RVing with dogs.” If you've ever wondered how to keep your pups comfortable and joyful on the road, this is the episode for you. We give practical advice, from ensuring their safety to little tricks that make their journey as smooth as ours. After all, adventures are always better when shared with our loyal companions. So, if you're a dog lover dreaming of the open road, tune in and discover how to make every mile count for both you and your canine co-pilot.

Lexie's Favorite

In “Episode 21: Fun Things to Do in Pigeon Forge with Kids and Great Smoky Mountain National Park“, Lexie recalls one of her most cherished memories. Celebrating her birthday at Pigeon Forge and the Great Smoky Mountain National Park was nothing short of magical. We talked about the fun things we did for her birthday, great food, rides, and adventures. Speaking of rides, which one was Lexie's absolute favorite on the island? Well, we won't spill the beans here. Hit play and join us on this unforgettable birthday adventure with Lexie!

Kristen's Favorite

Episode 9: Things to Do in Idaho with Your Family and Where to Camp” shows our deep appreciation and fondness for the Gem State. Idaho, with its vast landscapes and myriad of activities, quickly became a family favorite. Initially planning to stay for just a week, we were so captivated by its charm that we extended our stay to a whopping six weeks! This episode is packed with a variety of recommendations spanning the entire state, ensuring there's something for every adventurer. Dive in and discover why Idaho holds such a special place in our hearts and might just become your favorite state, too! 

Episode 17: The RV Guide to South Dakota and Badlands National Park” captures the journey through the landscapes of South Dakota. This is my second favorite state and, fittingly, the second episode I've handpicked for you. From the serene beauty of Custer State Park and the winding paths of Iron Mountain Road to the historical allure of Deadwood and the iconic Mount Rushmore Lighting Ceremony, this episode is a treasure trove of experiences. We also delve into the mesmerizing Spearfish Canyon scenic drive, the enchanting Bridal Veil Falls, and the invaluable insights from the Gypsy Guide. 

Tony's Favorite

Episode 54: Jeepin’ in the United States” is a ride through some of our favorite jeep trails across the country. However, it’s surprising that this episode is among the least downloaded (no shade from you, Tacoma people!). In this episode, we discuss the essential gear we’ve invested in for our Jeep and take you on a journey through some of the most iconic Badge of Honor trails. From the rugged terrains of Moab to the majestic Hoodoo Mountain in Idaho, this episode is a testament to the sheer joy and adventure of Jeepin’. 

Episode 76: Exploring Big Bend National Park in Texas: Must-see attractions, breathtaking beauty, and adventures” holds a special place in our hearts, especially for Tony. As one of the last national parks we ventured into before our summer in Michigan, Big Bend was Tony's BIG bucket list item. In this episode, we dive deep into the activities the park offers, from its iconic landmarks to the coveted Badge of Honor trail. If Big Bend is on your list or you're just curious about its splendors, this episode is your perfect guide. 

Top 5 downloaded from all of you

Your top downloaded episode is “Episode 20: Places You Should Visit in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.” From serene lakeshores to dense, whispering forests, the U.P. is a haven for adventurers seeking a blend of nature and culture. In this episode, we share our favorite spots, tales of unexpected discoveries, and the sheer joy of exploring this northern gem. Whether you're planning a trip or just daydreaming, this episode is sure to inspire a longing for the crisp air and unparalleled beauty of the Upper Peninsula. 

Episode: Top 8 Dark Sky National Parks We Absolutely Love” is a celestial journey through some of the most pristine skies in the United States. As the world dims and the heavens come alive, there's nothing quite like the magic of gazing up at a sky filled with stars, especially when you're in locations that offer the best views. In this episode, we talk about our favorite dark sky national parks, from the iconic Joshua Trees under the Californian night sky to the dramatic cliffs and canyons of Utah's Canyonlands. We also share essential tips for stargazing and astrophotography, ensuring you're well-equipped to capture the beauty of the cosmos. 

Episode 55: RV Boondocking for Beginners” is your ultimate guide to embracing the freedom and adventure of off-grid RV living. Boondocking, or free camping in remote areas, offers a unique experience that's both liberating and challenging. In the 3rd most downloaded episode, we break down the essentials of boondocking, from finding the perfect spot to ensuring you have all the necessities for a comfortable stay. We share our personal experiences, the highs and lows, and the invaluable lessons we've learned along the way. 

Episode 81: 5 Exceptional Campgrounds for RVers” is a curated guide to some of the most memorable campgrounds we've had the pleasure of exploring. From Lake Conroe in Texas to the historic charm of Fontainebleau State Park in New Orleans, each location offers a unique blend of nature, adventure, and culture. 

“Episode 74: RV Maintenance Tips for a Safe and Enjoyable Adventure” is your guide to ensuring your RV remains in tip-top shape for all your adventures. Venturing out in an RV is a dream for many, but maintaining it is equally crucial. This episode covers everything from understanding the intricacies of your RV's electrical system to the importance of tire safety.