It's Episode 83, and guess what? We're all here, ready to dive into another lively conversation about our latest adventures, updates, and all things RV.

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Living the RV Life: An Update

So, where are we now? We're still comfortably nestled at my parents' place. This arrangement has been nothing short of a blessing – we've been sharing dinners, stories, and laughs. More importantly, they've generously offered storage space for our stuff as we continue our RV remodel. The tools and garage have been the best thing. We're endlessly grateful for their support.

Speaking of the remodel, we've made great strides since episode 79. Remember when we told you about the desk that was in the works? The RV's front half looks fantastic! We added Great Lakes Defender Series Weathered Driftwood 7″ Floating Vinyl Plank Flooring from Menards. 

2023 07 07 0001

We've put the finishing touches to our cabinets with a black matte finish and brushed gold hardware. We painted the walls grey matte wall for contrast. We also put up some brick paneling and room dividing curtains. (These are the hookstie-backs, and poles we used.) Other additions include shades for the door and over the sink, a new butcher block countertop, sink, faucet, and drinking faucet.

We have also added some great little touches, like new baskets for fruit and veggiespaper towel holderand shelves. We also replaced our old induction stove and bought a vertical one to save space. 

We're not done yet, though. We're eyeing up new captain seats and contemplating modifying the table, and we've started work on the back half of the RV. Exciting things are ahead!

2023 07 07 0002

Family Matters

On the family front, Lexie fractured her collarbone. After a visit to the doctor, Lexie, our little ray of sunshine, is now rocking a stylish arm sling for the next six weeks. We are also talking about braces for both girls and looking into orthodontic treatment and may have found the perfect spot that's located in NM, AZ, CO, and UT. We will share more information on this after we get more information in Novemeber. 

Jeep Trail Adventures

In the spirit of Father's Day, we hit the Jeep Trails, and boy, was it an adventure! Our first route took us through St. Helen to Denton ORV, with an 11.65-mile stretch. The second trail, Emery Road, was almost as long, at 10.91 miles. Both were sandy, bumpy and everything you'd want in an off-road journey.