Welcome back to another episode of “Off the Beaten Path but Not Lost.” Today, in episode 108, we’re diving into a fun topic that’s for everyone. Whether you’re in RV life or just love games. We’re all about the games—from board games to screen games and outdoor fun. So, let’s roll the dice and jump right in!

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Storing Game Tips for the RV Life

Living in an RV means getting creative with storage. We have some nifty ways to organize our games without sacrificing precious space. Under our bed, we store various games, but not in their original bulky boxes. Instead, we use 4×6 photo storage boxes for card games like Professor Noggins or Penguin Panic. These boxes are also perfect for board game pieces, like those from Monopoly. You can then store all the boards for the games together. And don’t forget about travel versions of your favorites, like magnetic chess—a lifesaver during bumpy rides—these can be much smaller versions of the same game.

Outdoor Gaming Tips

When the weather's good, we love taking our game sessions outside. Our CLAM Quick-Set Escape Sky Camper provides the perfect shelter, and we set up our KingCamp Camping Table for a fun outdoor playing area. You can also use the picnic table at most campground sites, but make sure you cover it up—we've seen what people put on those, and it's not pretty. HAHA! 

Our Favorite Board and Card Games

We've got a lot of games, maybe too many. HAHA! Here are some of our top picks:

Board Games: From Race Across the USA to classics like Monopoly and Catan, we've got something for every age and interest. Camp is a family favorite, teaching fun facts about the great outdoors. We also love educational games like Money Bags and Dino Math Tracks Game.

Card and Small Games: Guess in 10 States of AmericaThings that GoMarvelProfessionDeer In The Headlights, and A Little Wordy by Exploding Kittens are some of our favorites. We also have some great educational games like Professor Noggin's, which covers everything from Ancient Civilizations and Wonders of the World to Presidents, and Blobby'Blobby's, a fun math game.

Cooperative GamesPandemic, Shadows in the Forest, Forbidden Island, and  Race to the Treasure! are fantastic choices for those who love to work together. They are great for developing strategy and teamwork skills.

Puzzles: We love puzzles themed around oceans, presidents, and National Parks. This is the great mat we talked about in the podcast.

Check out these Bingo games: Ocean, Dinosaur, and Bugs.

Outdoor Games for Active Fun

Our go-to outdoor games include laser guns, The Ultimate Freeze Tag Game – Vikings of The Northern Lights, and even axe throwing. These games are perfect for burning off that extra energy and having a blast.

Games on the screen

For those days when you just want to lay on the couch and be lazy, we turn to our Xbox, Meta Quest 2, and Nintendo Switch Lite – Coral. Our favorite Switch games include Zelda, Animal Crossing, and Just Dance 2022. On the Xbox, we love Dreamlight Valley and other Game Pass games. We also have an Osmo that the kiddos enjoy playing with that uses an iPad.


Games are a fantastic way to bond as a family, learn new things, and have a great time, whether cozied inside your RV or enjoying the great outdoors. They're a part of our RV lifestyle, bringing us together and creating unforgettable memories.

We'd like to hear about your favorite games and any storage tips you might have! Let us know by leaving a message.