We're thrilled to be back with episode 104 of our family podcast after a brief hiatus, with its share of challenges and exciting updates. Let's dive into the whirlwind of events that unfolded for us these past few weeks.

It all started with a work commitment in Georgia, which was supposed to be a short detour from our podcast schedule. However, life had other plans. I fell ill and had to rush back home, altering our podcasting plans significantly. The following week wasn't any kinder, as the flu bug caught up with the entire family. Despite recovering, we're here with a few coughs that Tony will manage to edit out of the episode.

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From Colorado to Arizona: Our Journey Continues

In this latest episode, we pick up where we left you in Durango, Colorado. Our travels took us to the mesmerizing Valley of Gods, a place we had visited before but couldn't fully explore due to connectivity issues. This time, we soaked in its beauty and tranquility.

A delightful surprise waited for our kids as we planned a secret rendezvous with their cousins at the 4 Corners National Monument. We then journeyed together to Moab, exploring Canyonlands National Park and Arches National Park.

Our adventure took a practical turn as we had to loop back to Colorado for a routine orthodontist checkup. We met again at the Grand Canyon and then went to Petrified Forest National Park, where we celebrated Thanksgiving.

After we left our family, we headed to Arizona. 

Stay Tuned for More Adventures

So, there you have it, folks! Episode 104 is a blend of unexpected twists, family bonding, scenic explorations, and the realities of juggling health and travel. Tune in to hear more about our adventures and misadventures, and join us as we navigate the beautiful chaos of life on the road.