In this podcast episode, we’re exploring the state’s west side in Washington. We visited the coast and the Olympic Peninsula of Washington. You can find the first part of Washington adventure on episode 40 of the podcast. In that episode, we talk about Newport, Quincy Lake, Leavenworth, Concrete, and Chehalis. We also talk about North Cascades National Park. Mount Rainier National Park, and Mount St Helens.

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South Indian Island Trail: A super easy, dog-friendly, 1.1-mile loop trail near Nordland, Washington. The best part about this trail is you can walk down to the water at low tide and find cool creatures. We saw a bunch of baby crabs.

Hall of Mosses Trail: A short 1.1-mile loop trail inside the National Park behind the visitor center. Since this is in the national park you can’t take your pups on this trail.