We are officially obsessed with Yellowstone. As of the recording of this podcast, we have already spent about three weeks. We still plan to spend a couple more weeks in the area. It's so extensive and impressive. We will have multiple episodes and posts about our Yellowstone adventures. This episode will focus on the drive from Glacier to Yellowstone and staying in West Yellowstone.

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Sheep Mountain Creamery in Helena Montana
Sheep Mountain Creamery in Helena Montana

The drive from Glacier to Yellowstone

We drove southeast from Columbia Falls, Montana, to Helena and stayed at the Harvest Host Sheep Mountain Creamery for one night. Sheep Mountain Creamery was an excellent host. We purchased a tour where the girls (and us) learned about sheep milk, cheese, and meat. We also had a milk and cheese tasting and bought some milk. 

Helena State Capitol Building
Helena State Capitol Building
Woods Creek Fire
Woods Creek Wildfire

Next, we moved to The Silos Campground for a few nights and visited the State Capitol building in Helena. This campground was right on Canyon Ferry Lake, and we could see the Woods Creek Wildfire that has been burning in that area since July 10. Lightning caused the Woods Creek Fire near Boulder Lakes in the Big Belt Mountains. 

Targhee National Forest Boondocking
While visiting West Yellowstone, you can boondock in the Targhee National Forest for free – under 20 minutes from the park!

The City of West Yellowstone, Montana  

Keeper Kids Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center
Keeper Kids at the Grizzly & Wolf Discovery Center
The west entrance of Yellowstone National Park
The west entrance of Yellowstone National Park
artist paintpots
Artist Paintpots in West Yellowstone

The Westside of Yellowstone

Midway Geyser Basin
Lower Geyser Basin
norris geyser basin yellowstone
Norris Geyser Basin Yellowstone

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